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It is important to clear snow from a roof because snow and ice can create a heavy load on the roof and building structure. But when and how to clear a house roof? It is advisable to clear snow from a roof as soon as snow accumulation reaches more than 50 centimeters. If a rain event occurs between two periods of snowfall, it will create additional weight on the roof. It will then become more urgent to clear the roof.

Signs that your roof must be cleared quickly

Some signs must be watched to prevent your roof from sagging. No matter how much snow is on your roof, clear your roof immediately if you see one or more of the following signs:

  • cracks appearing at the top of your walls;
  • your ceiling seems to be deformed;
  • your doors rub when you close it;
  • you hear crunches that seem to come from your roof.

If your roof has skylights, gables or turrets, know that snow and ice can easily accumulate and create water infiltration.

To clear a roof in the right way

To clear the roof, it is not necessary to remove all the snow, unlike your driveway. It is recommended to clear the bottom of the roof to prevent the snow from melting and water freezing near the ledges. You will also need to leave a layer of snow to avoid damaging your roof. Remember to clear snow from the vents. You must use tools such as a snow broom to avoid damaging your roof. Choose plastic tools preferably.

Find a professional to remove snow from your house roof

You can remove the snow from your roof yourself or use a professional snow removal business or a roofer to clear the roof. Do not take unnecessary risks by clearing your roof, you could fall or damage your roof (and lose your warranty).

To find out more about roof snow removal, you can consult the Régie du bâtiment du Québec's website, which explains how to clear snow and the website of the Commission for Standards, Pay Equity and Occupational Health and Safety to find out more about snow removal and how to clear snow on a sloping roof.


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