Your toilets are clogged? Unclogging toilets can not be improvised. As soon as you realize it, it's a safe bet that you will type the words "unclog toilet" in Google. The search engine will show you more than 340,000 results. Fortunately, we are here! We offer a selection of the 4 best tutorials to unclog your toilets and avoid the visit of a plumber who could cost you a few hundred dollars!

WikiHow - 9 ways to unclog toilets

Certainly the clearest, best illustrated and best written tutorial. The different steps to follow for each of the 9 ways are well explained. The tutorial is available at a toilet

Rona - Unclog toilets

This tutorial explains the mechanical and chemical techniques for opening toilets. The advantage of this tutorial is that the equipment needed to unclog toilets is presented at the bottom of the page and can be picked up in the store. The tutorial is available at

Boost - Ecological unclogging of toilets

This tutorial tells you how to unclog your toilet in a green way with vinegar. The tutorial is available at

Yellow Pages - 4 tips to solve common toilet problems

This short article gives tips for routine care for the toilet and some tips that will help you unclog your toilet. The article is available at

Have a plumber open a toilet

It may be that you have not managed to open your toilet. It is recommended to hire a professional plumber. To unclog toilets, expect to pay between $200 and $600. The price depends on the time and complexity of unblocking. Should the plumber clear the pipeline, if so, at what level. How can he access the pipeline. Plumbers can also charge for the use of a camera that will allow to see where the pipe is clogged.

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