Calling on a plumber to unclog a toilet is necessary when "home" solutions have not worked. It is often urgent to open a toilet, especially if you do not have multiple bathrooms. Unclogging quickly avoids a possible overflow of dirty water.

Prices for cleaning a toilet by a plumber

Prices can vary depending on your city or region. The prices below are for unclogging a toilet during regular service hours (weekdays Monday to Friday and during the day). For an emergency toilet opening in the evening, on weekends, or on holidays, the rates below are generally doubled. It is also possible that the plumber must use tools such as a snake or other that are added to the hourly rate.

The average price to open toilets range from $113 to $327. You will find in the table the toilet problem described by the customer and the price charged by the plumber. This gives you a good idea of ​​plumber prices in Quebec.

$327 - Toilet clogged, we managed to get a little opening with a small fish. This is a home and the owner does not want to take care of it. We would like to have a price please. Thank you

$320 - Toilet with two flow rates

$320 - “when pulling the chain of the toilet water runs down on the floor a bit like it was clogged at ground level." They did not try anything.

$306 - Require a plumber for:

- a toilet upstairs

- a toilet leak in the basement

- the kitchen sink

- low pressure from the sink faucet in the laundry room

$287 - Toilet clogged and water coming up into the tub.

$280 - Unclogging toilet

$260 - Toilet clogged. No results after several repair attempts by myself.

$250 - The toilet and shower are clogged.

$225 - Clogged toilet. Mr would like some help with his toilet and sink. Both are clogged.

$220 - There is a brush stuck in the toilet. They tried to remove it by themselves without any success.

$208 - Mr needs a plumber to unclog the toilet and sink in the kitchen. Easy access. Thank you.

$195 - Toilet overflows frequently. We solved the problem with a plunger, but today, we can not fully open the toilet as it continues to overflow even with the plunger. Waiting for your answer and for the moment we closed the toilet. Thank you

$173 The toilet is clogged. He needs a plumber. Mr. does not have an email address.

$148 - Madam says that her toilet is clogged with a piece of plastic. She did not seem to have any other information about her toilet or the plastic tip. She would like a plumber to go to the residence tonight.

$143 - Very classic: clogged toilet and already tried everything homemade

$140 - The tank. We tried with a siphon and a wire but it did not work for me

$137 - My toilets are clogged, when I flush it, the water does not go away but stagnates

$120 - Clogged toilet / bath hoses

$113 - Mrs. needs to unclog her toilet. No damage, only lead.

$113 - Toilet clogged. Please contact me by phone. Before sending Merci

$113 - Toilet is clogged.

$113 - Madam does not know why

$113 - Need to unclog a toilet in a restaurant. Urgent. Needed here tonight absolutely.

$113 - Clogged toilet. Need help. thank you.

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