Changing a faucet is a task you can do yourself if you're a do-it-yourselfer. But it is better to entrust a plumber to change a faucet in case of doubt. An incorrectly installed faucet could leak and cause water damage. In addition, improper installation may also cause you to lose the manufacturer's warranty.

I Need to Find a Plumber to Change a Faucet

In this article we we’ll look at:

Reasons to change a faucet
The different parts of a faucet
The 5 best tutorials to change a faucet
Find a plumber to change a faucet

Reasons to change a faucet

There are several reasons that may make you want to change a faucet. You may want to replace a faucet for aesthetic reasons (modernize a bathroom or a kitchen, stubborn traces of limestone).
A faucet can also have operating problems. Here are the main problems with faucets:

a leak
the tap lets out drops
weak flow
release of an odor

The different parts of a faucet

The operation of a faucet has been the same for decades. Its function is simple, to bring hot water or cold water. But if we know how to use it without even thinking about it, under the visible part lies elaborate mechanics composed of different parts essential to its proper functioning.

There are two basic kitchen and bathroom models in the hardware store, one-handle faucet (single-lever faucet) or two-handle faucet.

The handles can be lever or round with a retractable spout, but the mechanism remains similar. You raise or turn to open the shutter whose function is to stop the flow of water. In the visible part, you find the spout, the body, the plate to fix it on the counter and a shower for some models intended for cooking. Under the counter, you will find the shutter that allows the flow of water, the two water pipes (one for hot water and one for cold water) and depending on the model, the hose from the shower. In the upper part there is a cartridge, sometimes an aerator for the flow, a clamping ring (which seals) and rubber seals. At the end of the tap, you can easily remove the brass ring to change components (ring, seal and aerator), parts that ensure the proper flow of water and sealing. These parts prevent water from flowing in all directions, which is very useful!

The 5 best tutorials to change a faucet

Do you have a desire for renovations, want to make changes to the décor, or want to change your faucet, maybe it's been good but it's time to replace it? Here are some interesting tutorials to do just that:

DIY: Changing the sink faucet, You Tube, Minute Deco

DIY Home - Replace a faucet, YouTube

How to replace a faucet, Canadian Tire, YouTube

How to change the faucet of a kitchen sink,

RONA - How to install or replace a faucet on a kitchen sink, YouTube

Find a plumber to change a faucet

Nothing works and you did everything to change the tap yourself? Changing a faucet yourself is more complicated than it seems and often after you’ve begun the changing the faucet do you realize this! It may be time to call a professional! HelpMee allows you to quickly find a trusted plumber available to change your faucet.
Whether you already have your new faucet or the plumber has to supply it, our plumber partners are available 24/7 to change a faucet.


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