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Dino p. (Mercier)

Great site to find contractors to complete work

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Martin M. (Montréal)

Thanks! It was a total pain finding someone to get the job done, so I am glad I found the HelpMee site.

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Tania (Longueuil)

Fast and easy way to find great services

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Nahla (Montréal)


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Colleen S. (Montréal)

AN ABSOLUTE 10. Seconds to reply when I was in panic mode

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Carmen F. (Montréal)

Received information instantly.

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    Available 24/7/365

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    It's quick and easy

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Sample of real requests for a plumber in Montréal

  • Camille - Urgent

    I accidentally oxidized our tub plug with an aggressive detergent, and would like to have it replaced. (it's this part, both the plug itself and the ring around it: https://www.homary.com/faucets/faucet-accessories/solid-brass-round-tip-toe-tub-drain-without-overflow-in-3-finishes.html --> this is just an example picture) Let me know what would be your price! This is not an urgent request.

  • Marie-Jo - Urgent

    J'aimerais faire retirer une toilette et une vanité (avec évier) en permanence. Pas très pressés, pourrait être fait en septembre.

  • Martin - Urgent

    Hi all, I have three devices I need to get connected: A washing machine, a dryer, and a dishwasher. Whoever sets up that dishwasher needs to be able to do some wire splicing, which is why I don't think a "plumber only" can handle this. All three units are a bit old, but working. I'm sure this is an easy job for someone with the right skills and equipment (I think the dishwasher might require an additional hose), you might even think I'm an idiot for not doing it myself, but I am really good at computers and "à chacun leur métier". The previous tenant of my apartment had all three, so all the right plugs and drains should be there already. The washing machine and dryer look straightforward, but the plug to connect the dishwasher is just an exposed wire, whereas my dishwasher has a normal plug with three teeth in it... I just don't understand how to connect it and would rather hire someone than risk doing water damage... So if someone is coming for the dishwasher anyway, I'd just as soon have them take care of the washer and dryer at the same time.

  • Nicola - Urgent

    Need to replace a copper valve and adjust a steel drain

  • Jonathan - Urgent

    The bathtub is logged and the water stays there, it doesn’t pass

  • Athanasiosat - Urgent

    busted sink in kitchen needs new piece. butsted garden hose valve. needs new one

  • Eun-Ju - Urgent

    Hello, It’s for Clogged toilet: tried plunger, liquid products but not working.

  • Radu - Within a few weeks

    I need assistance with the hook up /installation of an all in one washing machine. The plumbing needs modification. because this would be the first installation of an washer.

  • Nadia - Urgent

    Hissing noise from the toilet bowl.

  • Philip - Within a few days

    I have a Tankless water heater and it’s no longer activating. I opened it and it’s quite clogged with mineral deposits. This is likely preventing the sensor from activating the heating when the hot water is running. I believe that descaling may fix the issue

  • Nancy - Urgent

    Madame a un problème avec un tuyau dans le sous-sol.

  • Tony - Urgent

    Kitchen sink is overflowing and going into the dishwasher.

  • Carolina - Urgent

    Sink clogg

  • Michel - Urgent

    Pipes broken water running like Niagara falls

  • Salim - Urgent

    Monsieur aurait besoin d'un plombier pour réparer son évier qui fuit dans sa salle de bains. Il aimerait un rendez-vous demain si possible. Il parle anglais.