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Dino p. (Mercier)

Great site to find contractors to complete work

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Martin M. (Montréal)

Thanks! It was a total pain finding someone to get the job done, so I am glad I found the HelpMee site.

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Tania (Longueuil)

Fast and easy way to find great services

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Nahla (Montréal)


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Colleen S. (Montréal)

AN ABSOLUTE 10. Seconds to reply when I was in panic mode

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Carmen F. (Montréal)

Received information instantly.

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    It's quick and easy

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Sample of real requests for a plumber in Montréal

  • Irene - Urgent

    Kitchen blockage Used 2 Drano without success.

  • Sarah - Within a few days

    The fill valve is broken and needs to be replaced. I have purchased the part, I just need a plumber to come and install it.

  • Natasha - Urgent

    Hi there, I am looking for a plumber that can clean 2-3 small dishwasher grease traps for my company? Would this be a service you supply and if so could you give me a rough idea how much it would cost? Thanks Natasha

  • Sami - Within a few days

    Something is clogged in the washroom sink causing backup in the sink and water passing through very slowly.

  • Catia - Within a few days

    I am in process of re doing my bathroom The contractor wants a plumber to come and plug the pipes so he can build the walls and I also need my water pipes slightly re rooted from front of wall to the side of the wall the entire area has no walls so al is accessible HOWEVER I need someone like tomorrow I have call city and close main water valve

  • Jo-Ann - Within a few days

    Require a plumber for: -clogged upstairs toilet -potentially leaky downstairs toilet -clogged kitchen sink -lowers water pressure in Downstairs laundry sink

  • Rosilene - Urgent

    The water in my shower is not going down , is making a huge pool .

  • Etienne - Within a few days

    I have 2 issues: First: One toilet has a constant slow leak that i've tried to repair without success. Second: We have an odor problem in one of our bathroom, we suspect it's coming from the sink.

  • Tiana - Urgent

    Problems with the sink, the water wont stop running so I closed the valve

  • Ye - Within a few days

    Nous habitons dans un condo. Problème 1- La machine à laver est placée en bas d'une sécheuse. Il y a une fuite d'eau lorsqu'on fait le lavage. Nous avons remarqué que le tuyau de drainage de la machine à laver est mal placé. Il faudrait sortir la machine et fixer le tuyau à la bonne place. Problème 2- La chasse d’eau de la toilette est brisée. Il faudrait la remplacer ou réparer. Le plombier devrait nous dire quel modèle à acheter ou apporter des pièces nécessaies.

  • Gisselle - Urgent

    Bonjour, je voudrais avoir une estimation pour l'installation d'un robinet de douche à valve mixte et déboucher un evier, du côté plombier, el le replacement d'une plynthe electrique du côté electricien. Pour le robinet, je ne sais pas si celui installé peut etre réparé ou non (la valve de chauffage n'est pas bien calibré donc on ne peut pas régler la temperature), donc j'ai acheté une. Je suis à Montreal, Ville Marie. Merci.

  • Jefee - Within a few days

    Need an additional powder room and need plumbing service for water line and drainline

  • Amelie - Within a few days

    Soumision pour 12-18 chauffe-eau dans une coop, pas urgent a prevoir dans prochain mois.

  • Filomena - Within a few days

    There is a slow drain in the kitchen sink. Can you please provide a quote for fixing the issue? Thanks, Mena

  • Andrew - Urgent

    Problème avec la tuyauterie dans la salle de bain. Monsieur est anglophone.