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Sample of real requests for a plumber in Montréal

  • Claire - Urgent

    I need a new sink installed as my one is cracked and my toilet is not secured to the floor

  • James - Urgent

    in shower room, the rotating disk tap (faucet) for hot and cold water is out of order ,it is difficult to exactly control hot water and cold water to mixed, even it has failed to turn faucet off , could not stop water come out from the water pipe. (Note: I only can speak English)

  • James - Urgent

    the tap(faucet) of hot water and cold water dont work in shower room and even it could not been turned off and stop water come out from pipe.

  • sahar - Urgent

    Toilet is overflows when flushed now there is water coming out of tub and water in the sink wont go down, starting to smell i think the main sewer is clogged i need someone asap! please and thank you

  • Alex - Urgent

    Plumbing leaking. It's a new vanity that's been installed with a new faucet. It was installed on the existing plumbing. The leakage is from the plumbing not the faucet. Drops are falling ~15-20 seconds. I have shut down the hot/cold water valves.

  • mazen - Urgent

    I need to install a T at the toilet with a hos for bidet I have the parts I need certified plumber

  • Andrew - Urgent

    Water comes out of spout in shower. When knob on spout is pulled no water comes out of the shower head.

  • Adam - Urgent

    I live on the second floor of an apartment building. A week ago I accidentally flushed a plastic toilet bowl odorizer in the toilet. The landlord has came twice now to try to fix it . He removed the plastic piece but for some reason there is still a blockage somewhere or something is wrong because even though he removed the thing that caused the blockage to begin with when I flush my toilet it fills up really to the rim. I'm thinking I may just need to pay a plumber myself to fix this problem because my landlord isn't fixing the issue properly and Isis too cheap to pay someone else. One thing is I've lived here over 4 years and my bath tub almost always had a blockage. Now it flows better than ever. I think there is a major problem with the plumbing here and it's been a problem for years.

  • Gerarda - Urgent

    need to remplace a 60 gallon hot water tank. Need a quote. Thanks.

  • Prashanth - Urgent

    Bathtub is clogged. Drain is either stuck or broken. Need estimate first (free) to talk to Landlord

  • Queeny - Urgent

    Toilet is blocked

  • Nic - Urgent

    Replace the hot water and cold water valve to a washing machine hook-up. They are leaking. Plastic plumbing.

  • Hannah - Urgent

    My kitchen sink is clogged and small leakage under the sink , my toilet flush needs to be replaced and I have the part.

  • Frederick - Urgent

    Bathroom faucet drain was clogged, by trying to put the plumbing snake inside the drain, it got stuck and refuse to come out (by force or other). Is it possible to assist us in this problem and remove the wire within the piping. This is an apartment building. If you have a drain camera, it could maybe help to find where the wire got tangled.

  • luana - Urgent

    leak from ceiling in basement l