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Dino p. (Mercier)

Great site to find contractors to complete work

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Martin M. (Montréal)

Thanks! It was a total pain finding someone to get the job done, so I am glad I found the HelpMee site.

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Tania (Longueuil)

Fast and easy way to find great services

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Nahla (Montréal)


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Colleen S. (Montréal)

AN ABSOLUTE 10. Seconds to reply when I was in panic mode

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Carmen F. (Montréal)

Received information instantly.

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  • Available 24/7/365

    Available 24/7/365

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    It's quick and easy

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    Trusted companies

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    Free and no commitment

    Our service is free. You are free to choose whether or not an available business can help you.

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    Send a Request

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    Immediate Assistance

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    Select the business

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Sample of real requests for a plumber in Laval

  • Pierre - Urgent

    60 gallons water heater replacement

  • Athanasia - Urgent

    I have water coming up from my kitchen sink I have not used it for the past 2 days I am constantly emptying out water other condos water is coming up my sink

  • David - Urgent

    I have several leaks in the dish washer disposal pipes and laundry clean water pipes as well as the main cold water entrance. Is in Laval 636 Avenue Ampere apartment 6.

  • Yolette - Within a few days

    the garage exhaust is blocked

  • Konstantinos - Within a few days

    For installation of a hot water heater.

  • john - Within a few days

    leaking faucet partially clogged drane

  • Lafi - Within a few days

    I bought and electric toilet seat that need to get connected to the valve. I need to take off the current seat. and install the new seat. Also need to pass an extension cord to the toilet. Seat model number for more information : SWASH SE600

  • Sandra - Within a few days

    There is a leak on one of the pipes in my basement sealing.

  • Bessy - Within a few days

    There is a crack in the bath.

  • clement - Urgent

    This is a property that I am looking to purchase and a specific request is being made from the inspection, before any papers are signed.

  • clement - Within a few days

    after the inspection there is s requirement that has to be accomplished. I am asking for this week if possible

  • Linda - Urgent

    Kitchen drain completely blocked. Tried Drano liquid as well as granules. No result. Very hot water does not help.

  • Junfang - Urgent

    Plumbing Pipe frozen, no water at home, due to cold weather

  • Sofia - Urgent

    The drain in the bathtub is clogged as well as in basement in laundry room. When doing laundry the washing machine doesnt drain water out instead it backs up and comes out onto laundry room floor Also there is not much water pressure and if we turn on faucet in 1 room there is no water pressure in the rest of the rooms so water can only be turned on inone room st a time.

  • Soto - Within a few days

    I have a bit of water on my basement floors that appears when the temperature is above 0 degrees Celsius and it is raining, so I need someone who can inspect where this water is originating from, using an underground camera I believe. The water has left small bubbles on the floor.