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Sample of real requests for a specialist in heating and air conditioning in Montréal

  • peter - Urgent

    I have forced air heating system and I would like to move the electrical furnace to a new location. The ducts in basement have to redo. Please give me the estimation. Thanks.

  • SOPHIE - Urgent

    Compressor Goldstar installed in 2009 with 2 wall mounted units. One does not provide cold air. The second one works fine.

  • Marie-Jo - Urgent

    Climatiseur central ne refroidit pas la maison. Le moteur et le thermostat fonctionnent bien, et les filtres ont été nettoyés.

  • Veronika - Urgent

    A/C unit is broken, another company told me it’s the compressor that needs to be replaced. I’d like this done as soon as possible please

  • Genevieve - Urgent

    The AC wall mounted unit system probably needs to be steam cleaned

  • Bruno - Within a few days

    I'm not sure if its an electrical or mechanical (heating / AC) problem. I have a Thermolec FER-6-240-DE mini make-up air machine whose fan no longer works so my condo currently no longer gets any fresh air. I am looking for someone to diagnose and fix the problem. I noticed earlier today that the breaker for the machine tripped. I don't know how long its been since then... Thank you

  • Dan - Within a few days

    The heating/AC in my living room has stopped working. The thermostat/heating controls look like they're working, but the heating system doesn't respond. The heating and AC are connected to the same control panel, but the heat is provided via a radiator at the base of my window, and the AC comes through a vent that's build into the wall. Neither are responding. I have another radiator at the base of my bedroom window, which I believe is connected to the same system, but is controlled by a different thermostat/control panel. That is working fine. This leads me to suspect that the issue is with control panel in the living room, or the connection between the control panel and the heating system (I don't believe it's an issue with the actual heating system itself). I live in condo building. I can be available any time on any day. Thanks

  • miles - Within a few days

    air conditioner repair

  • John - Within a few weeks

    Hi, We're looking to remove our oil furnace that heats water. We already have an electric boiler. We'll want to install some electric baseboards/convection in our basement to supplement, but the main job is to remove the furnace + oil tank. Someone will likely need to come for a submission.

  • Huy - Within a few days

    I would like to have maintenance of my AC: change filter, add Freon and clean the system for the summer

  • Tiana - Within a few weeks

    I would like to install a 3 AC's in the 3 apartments I own. 2 are window AC's and 1 will be a standing AC.

  • Zev - Within a few days

    My AC isn’t giving out cold air

  • Nicoué - Within a few days

    Ac not cooling ENOUGH.It has been cleaned...

  • Peter - Urgent

    Condo wall air conditioner is not working. Need service asap Thank You, Peter Demers

  • Peter - Urgent

    Condo wall air conditioner is not working. Need service asap Thank You, Peter Demers