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Sample of real requests for an electrician in Montréal

  • Isabelle - Urgent

    Prise de courant qui ne fonctionne pas

  • Lise - Urgent

    Hello, we need minor repairs estimated to 2 hours of work. Thanks for calling back ASAP.

  • Jessica - Urgent

    I need a wire and breaker to pass from one side of the house to hook up to an air conditioner. The unit itself is already wired.

  • Caroline - Urgent

    I need an outlet installed for a washer / dryer. Need also a vent installed for the dryer. I need some exterior lights fixed as well.

  • Alex - Urgent

    Vérification et ajout de circuits pour une mise-à-jour d'une petite cuisine. Mur et panneau accessible durant les travaux. Besoin vendredi 13, samedi 14 ou lundi 16 juillet 2018. Merci

  • Colin - Urgent

    Very simple job of wiring a new smart dimmer in a 3 way switch situation. I do not want it to be a 3 way switch anymore and only want to install the new dimmer. The other switch can be left dead.

  • Maxime - Urgent

    The power is completely out

  • Sylvie - Urgent

    Changed water heater but no hot water due to electric problem advised by hydro solution installer

  • bela - Urgent

    bathroom cabinet installation with light

  • John - Within a few days

    Need to conver conventional tube light to led light

  • Jean-Sébastien - Within a few days

    Pose de 2 lustres dans deux pièces.

  • Louis-Philippe - Within a few days

    Need an electrician to install a light fixture in our dining room. Easy job.

  • Stuart - Within a few days

    Looking for an electrician to change the location of the electrical panel (main service entry). No additional wiring required, simply to remove the box from the basement, install it on the main floor and attach the mains. Thank you!

  • Lilly - Within a few days

    panel upgrade

  • COMPTANT.COM - Urgent

    The breaker that is controling 1/3 of the lights in the store jumped and now the breaker is loose and we cant turn the lights back on. Please call us for an apointment. Payment is not an issue.