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  • Available 24/7/365

    Available 24/7/365

    Our service is available 24/7 and 365 days a year to help you find trusted companies to help you with your household and commercial building repairs.

  • It's quick and easy

    It's quick and easy

    Do not waste time searching and calling businesses. We do it for you. Receive an answer in less than 20 minutes.

  • Trusted companies

    Trusted companies

    We check the licenses, permits, insurance and reputation of each business that can help you with your repairs.

  • Free and no commitment

    Free and no commitment

    Our service is free. You are free to choose whether or not an available business can help you.

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Refer you to trusted businesses, this is what we have been doing since 2007!

Only 3 simple steps

  • Send a Request

    Send a Request

    Send us your request and we will contact our trusted partners in your area.

  • Immediate Assistance

    Immediate Assistance

    We assist you throughout the process to find you a trusted and verified businesses.

  • Select the business

    Select the business

    You are free to whether select or not one of the businesses that are available to help you.

Sample of real requests for an appliance repairer in Montréal

  • CHantal - Urgent

    My 8 year old microwave stopped working. I think it may be just the fuse, but I don’t have the tools to change it.

  • Paul - Urgent

    20 year old washer dryer need to know if washer can be fixed . if not I need it removed please

  • Dominique - Urgent

    J'ai un lave vaisselle neuf à installer, il manque des parties et 3 fils sortent du lave-vaisselle. Il faudrait créer une fiche électrique. Celle dans le mur existe déjà. Merci pour l'évaluation!

  • Tran - Urgent

    I purchased a stackable washer and dryer from electrolux. My laundry room is small but it can be done . I I need a professional handy man for this that can get the job done

  • Stu - Urgent

    Hello, our whirlpool duet washing machine was acting strangely in a cycle, taking a lot longer than normal, then making very loud noises for several minutes and then went totally dead. We can’t even get the wet laundry in it out of the washing as the door won’t unlock. We checked the circuit breaker and that is not a problem. Merci!

  • Brian - Within a few days

    Dryer broken

  • Emilie - Urgent

    My washing machine leaks water every now and then, sometimes while doing laundry, but sometimes without even turning on the machine. But it doesn't happen every time we do laundry. Very confusing. The water comes out the back of the machine and i'm worried it's going to cause water damage.

  • Irene - Urgent

    My dryer has not been releasing hot air so it takes ages to dry my clothes. Moreover, the kitchen sink faucet has been leaking, too.