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After heavy rains or during a thaw, it is common to see water leaks through the roof of a house or building. Water leaks will cause serious damage to materials if not corrected quickly.

The origins of a water leak from the roof

Water does not seep through a roof. Different factors will influence the state of a roof:

  • poor maintenance of the roof,
  • the natural wear of the roof (no, the roofs are not eternal),
  • parts of the roof broken or torn by wind or ice,
  • a defect in construction or repair.

Signs of water infiltration from the roof

You will see various signs that your roof is leaking. The water leak on your roof could:

  • spot stains or mildew on your ceiling;
  • take off paint on a wall or curl the wall;
  • give off an unpleasant smell in the room;
  • rot wood elements.

What to do in case of water infiltration from the roof

From the first signs, it is recommended to call a roofer. The sooner you call on a roofing contractor to repair your roof urgently, the sooner you limit the damage and thus the costs.

Find a contractor to repair a roof

Our roofing partners are available to help you with your leaking roof. By completing a service request, you will find in a few minutes a trusted roofer who will repair your roof quickly.


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