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A refrigerator that stops working can cause you to lose all your food and put you and your family at risk for eating poorly preserved foods. When you notice a breakdown of your refrigerator, it is important to have a qualified service technician. Our service allows you to find, in minutes, 24/7 home appliance repair and installation services to help you with a dryer that dries too much or a washer that needs repair in less than 30 minutes.

Check before having your fridge repaired

Sometimes it is thought that a fridge is broken while the thermostat was turned by mistake. This can have the effect of increasing the temperature inside the fridge and make it seem that it no longer works. Also, check that the grilles on the back of the refrigerator are not clogged with dust. Dust can prevent air circulation, which can cause parts to overheat.

Have a refrigerator repaired

To avoid damage, it is recommended to call a professional repairer. Some repairs such as compressor replacement can not be done at home. For other repairs, such as your fridge not running, or a bulb that does not work, the technician will have to do various tests to be able to make a diagnosis.

The price to repair a refrigerator

As with most home appliances, prices range from $80 to $100 for the service call. Thereafter, the technician charges $1 per minute to diagnose or repair the refrigerator. If he has to change a section, he will charge you the price of the section. He may have the piece in his truck or he will have to order it. He may also have to repair your fridge in his workshop, such as to repair the refrigerator motor, for example.

Easily Find an Appliance Repair and Installation Company

Helpmee allows you to quickly find a trusted refrigerator repairman available in Montreal (Greater Montreal Area), Laval, Quebec City, Gatineau, etc. Fill out our service request form and receive in less than 30 minutes the service offers of our fridge repair partners. Our trusted technicians have been checked for insurance, complaints, reveiws and reputation.