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HelpMee allows you to find plumbers available in minutes to help you with your needs for water leak repairs or clogged toilets and washbasins. The renovation or construction plumber is responsible for installing plumbing for individuals, restaurants and other businesses as needed. They calculate water flows and cuts, bends, taps or glues of pipes for plumbing construction or renovation work.

The service plumber specializes in urgent repairs such as in the case of clogged toilets or sinks, the repair of water leaks, the change of faucet or sanitary fixtures (shower, toilet, bath, etc.), change a heater water or thaw a pipe.

There are nearly 2,600 plumbers in Quebec who hold a permit from the Corporation of Master Plumbing Mechanics of Quebec (CMMTQ). The CMMTQ has ensured their training and their skills. How to choose a good plumber among these thousands of plumbers allowed to practice on the market? How to be certain to find a good plumber who will be available for an emergency quickly?

Trusted plumbers carefully selected

HelpMee allows you to quickly find a plumber for your plumbing repairs and problems. You will be contacted quickly by a plumber available. Our plumber partners are reliable contractors for whom we have checked their license from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec, their registration with the CMMTQ, their insurance, complaints and judgments, as well as their reputation. Our plumber partners are available on request to help you with your small plumbing work and emergencies

Plumbers available quickly (very quickly actually)

Whether for plumbing to renovate a bathroom, kitchen or basement or for an urgent intervention for a toilet or water leak repair, having access to competent plumbers available when you need them can make all the difference. HelpMee allows you, by calling 1 877-338-0629 or via its online form, to have access to a plumber in a few minutes (our record is 7 seconds!) And this is 24/7. As soon as your request for service is made, our plumbing partners will give you their availability, their hourly or flat rate, as well as, their travel expenses. They will ask for clarification or additional information if necessary. HelpMee's services to find a plumber are free and without obligation.

Receive plumbers' quotes for troubleshooting or plumbing

HelpMee allows you to quickly find a plumber in Montreal (Greater Montreal), Laval, Quebec, Gatineau, etc. to perform a repair or plumbing work. Fill out our service request form for plumbing work. Describe your plumbing renovation project or emergency that you wish to have completed. You will quickly receive service offers from our plumber partner contractors and can thus make your choice among our professional plumbers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Plumbers and Plumbing Works

What license must a plumber have?

A plumber in Quebec must hold a journeyman competency certificate from the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ). The plumbing company for which the plumber works must hold a plumbing contractor's license from the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec.

A plumber in Ontario must hold a Plumbing Certificate of Qualification (C of Q) from the Ontario College of Trades.

What insurance should a plumber have to exercise?

The plumbing company in Quebec has a license bond.

A plumbing company in Quebec or Ontario should ideally have a valid commercial and civil liability insurance.

Do I have to hire a plumber or can I do business with a handyman?

The profession of plumber is regulated, its exercise is reserved for professionals who have a license to plumber. Any illegal exercise of the profession of plumber can lead to prosecution.

Applying to a handyman to do plumbing work could also be problematic in the event of a claim from an insurer.

How much does a plumber cost?

Prices of plumbers are free and are composed of 3 variables:

  • Travel expenses
  • Hourly rate
  • Prices of materials and equipment used.

Who pays the plumber, owner or tenant?

It depends on the type of plumbing problem. We have written a simple and clear article that goes around the subject by explaining who has to pay according to your plumbing problem.

How long does a plumber take to work?

It all depends on the type of intervention or plumbing work to be done. A toilet unclogging can only take a few minutes as a more complex toilet unclogging can take an hour if you have to disassemble the toilet and inspect the drain.

Major plumbing work can take several days. Our plumbers will easily give you an estimate of the duration of their intervention.

Are the plumbers' jobs guaranteed?

Each plumbing company and plumbing manufacturer (faucets, plumbing fixtures, etc.) has its own warranty periods which will be indicated to you.

Please note that unblocking interventions are never guaranteed.

What is the response time for a plumbing emergency?

The lead times of the HelpMee partner plumbers are very fast. Some customers had the plumber at home 20 minutes after contacting us by phone or via our service request form.

What types of repairs and work plumbers can do?

Plumbers perform piping work on water supply, sewer and drainage systems in a building or construction. They also do work at the level of the heaters.

Here are some examples of plumbing work or plumbing:

  • unclogging toilet, sink or sink
  • repair or installation of shower or bathtub
  • repair or installation of sink or sink
  • toilet repair or replacement
  • repair or replacement of faucet
  • location and repair of water leaks
  • thawing pipes
  • change of water heater to gas or electric
  • Repair of gas or electric water heaters
  • drain repair
  • drain cleaning
  • Camera drain inspection
  • drain drain
  • pump installation and repair
  • connection of household appliances
  • etc.

Do you have plumbers available on weekends and holidays?

Yes, our partner plumbers are available 24/7.

Do you have plumbers available during the summer and winter construction holidays?

Yes, our plumber partners are available 24/7 and even during public holidays or construction holidays.

How come my plumber is late?

Plumbers do everything they can to arrive on time and respect your appointment. They know that your time is precious.

Sometimes, they find themselves having to spend more time than expected on the work or intervention that precedes you to ensure good service. They can also be blocked in traffic by a car accident or work.

Rest assured that our plumbers are doing everything in their power to respect the scheduled time of your appointment. To minimize the risk of delays, try to be the first date of the day (but do not say that it was us who gave you this tip!) It also works for moving and services of Bell and Videotron. )