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Plumber to change a main water valve

The main water inlet valve is a valve that provides water to the residence. It allows water to pass from the municipal aqueduct to the residence. The main water valve is also sometimes referred to as the main shut-off valve because it completely closes the water supply to the residence.

The different water inlet valves

There are valves of different diameters (mostly ½ ", ¾" and 1 ") and different materials, mostly stainless steel or brass.

When to change the water inlet valve

The watervalve may have to change due to:
  • its material
  • the presence of leaks
  • the presence of rust
  • difficulty opening or closing it
  • its age
  • etc

Many homeowners are taking advantage of the city's piped work and general water closures to make this change. Otherwise, the plumber will contact the city to coordinate the water shutdown and valve replacement work.

You may need to change your main water valve

Depending on the material and age of your water inlet pipe, you may need to replace it. Galvanized or leaded water intakes must be replaced due to health risks.

The price to change a water valve

Prices may vary depending on the time of the service call, and the plumber's experience. On average, a single main water valve change costs between $200 and $300 plus applicable taxes.

Plumbers available 24/7 to change the main water valve

HelpMee's plumber partners are available 24/7 in the greater Montreal area, Quebec City or Gatineau. They will be able to help you quickly to change the main water valve or Demander une soumission dès maintenant

Demander une soumission dès maintenant

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