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It is important to know the material of your water service pipe because some materials, such as lead, can be dangerous and must be replaced.

< h2> What is a water srvice pipe

The water service pipe is a conduit that can be lead, copper or plastic that transports water from the city's water system to a property. This entrance is controlled by the city on the public road and by the owner inside his residence via the shut-off valve.

Recognize lead water service pipe

If your building was built before the 1970s, there is a good chance that the water service pipe will be lead.

The pipe of the water service valve of your building will be lead if the pipe:

  • is gray
  • produces no resonance if hit
  • does not attract a lover
  • does not rust < li>

The risks of having a lead service entrance

The health risks of having pipes that supply a property with drinking water are numerous. Lead is dangerous to the nervous system and can have minor effects on the intellectual development of infants and children under 6 years of age. It is also dangerous for the pregnant fetus.

Steps to change a lead water pipe

There are currently two techniques for changing a water service pipe. By excavation and pulling pipe.

The excavation will consist of digging a trench along the water line pipe that will go from the water line stop valve to the location of the water line. the foundation of the building through which the main service water valve enters.

Pipe drawing is a method that only requires digging two holes. One inside the building and another at the level of a man in the water. Then, cut the ends of the lead pipe and it is extracted in pieces. From the other hole, insert the new copper pipe that replaces the wrong lead pipe.

Who pays to replace a lead water inlet

In general, the City will pay for the replacement of the part that is on the public domain and the owner will have to pay for the part that is on the private proportion of the land. Some cities like Montreal will replace the public part and the private part of the lead service entrances and the private part will be billed to the owners.

You can visit your city's website for more information.

Price ideas for replacing a water inlet

The cost of replacing a water intake ranges from an average of $ 2,000 to $ 5,000 depending on the nature and complexity of the excavation, plumbing and grading work, and asphalt paving. give back

Cities that have lead water intakes

Many cities in Canada have a large number of lead water intakes, including:

  • Quebec
  • Laval
  • Montreal
  • Toronto

Find a plumber to change a water inlet

HelpMee allows you to quickly find a plumber for a lead-in water replacement.

Call us at 1 877-338-0629 24/7 or fill out our service request form for plumbing work. You receive very quickly the offers of service (availability, hourly rate and displacement rate) of our trusted plumber contractors for the replacement of your water inlet.