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  • Bel Âge Magazine

    SOS Service

    HelpMee.ca connects reliable experts for free (disaster cleanup, roofing, plumbing, electrical, appliances, etc.) with people looking for a quick response. A website to quickly add to your favorites.

  • La Presse+

    Repairman on demand

    In 30 minutes, a test from La Presse got five electricians ready to help me in the next hour.

  • Canoe.ca

    Here are two sites to find a contractor for your work

    On HelpMee, the process is fully automated by algorithms that send requests from customers to targeted contractors, resulting in a significant reduction in time to connect people who initially do not know each other. The faster the contact is established, the faster the repair will be done.

  • François Charron

    A site to find the company that solves your house problem

    All companies recommended by HelpMee are reliable and trustworthy. One less reason to stress!

  • CJAD 800

    Montreal Company Offers One-stop Online Shop To Help Fix Emergency Home Repairs

    And then among those who answer your request- usually in under 30 minutes - you can pick what you need. Then you get a notification from who's available and their estimated costs.

  • ACQ Construire

    A new platform to connect contractors and customers

    This free service connects Quebeckers with contractors who are available and certified in plumbing, electrical, roofing, locksmithing, appliance repair, post-disaster cleaning and heating and air-conditioning. HelpMee.ca is the only site in Quebec that focuses on urgent property repairs. It distinguishes itself by the proximity, the availability and the speed of intervention of the companies registered on its platform.

  • Journal de l'assurance

    A company wants to help owners who are victims of disasters

    The service, which is free, connects users with available and certified contractors in plumbing, electrical, roofing, locksmithing, appliance repair, post-disaster cleaning and heating and cooling.

  • Geekbecois

    Helpmee.ca: the solution to your home issues!

    We look forward to seeing the future for this new Montreal company. Let's hope for a huge number of requesters and excellent entrepreneurs to allow this great idea to take its place in the Quebec construction market that needs a little techno boost!

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    Send a Request

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    Immediate Assistance

    We assist you throughout the process to find you a trusted and verified businesses.

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    Select the business

    You are free to whether select or not one of the businesses that are available to help you.

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