When a toilet is clogged, it must be unclogged quickly because it is a sanitary appliance that is difficult to replace and it is used often by family or customers. If a sink is clogged, you can easily temporarily use another sink. For a toilet, unless you have several in the house (or in the office, business, etc.), it is necessary to unblock it quickly.

The means to unclog a clogged toilet

There are different ways to unclog a toilet. A toilet can be opened by a variety of means, such as pipe openers, which can be natural, chemical, pressure or mechanical. They are quick and easy solutions for toilets that are partially blocked.

Prevent clogging toilets

The best solution to prevent toilet blockage is prevention. Some items should not be flushed down the toilet because they will cause a blockage for sure, especially items such as bedding, cotton objects, cooking oil should not be thrown down the toilet regularly over several months / years.

The price to unclog a toilet

Unclog toilets yourself

The price to open toilets will depend on the means you choose. If you choose to use a pipe drainer, you will simply have to pay the purchase cost.

We are talking about a few dollars for natural and chemical pipe drainers and from a few dozen to a few hundred dollars for fish tips.

Have a plumber to unclog a toilet

If you use a plumber, the price to open toilets can range from $140 to over $300, depending on the time (day, evening, weekend, holiday), the complexity of unblocking and the materials used. The plumber may use a camera to perform an inspection of the piping to learn more about the blocking element.

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