During periods of extreme cold, it is not uncommon to see people wondering how to thaw a frozen pipe? There are different ways to thaw a pipe. Whether you perform them yourself or have them done by a plumber, it is important to act quickly to avoid any water damage that could cause a burst pipe. In cold weather, if you notice that one of your faucets does not let any more water flow or leaks very little, you can presume to have a frozen pipe.


How to spot a frozen pipe

A frozen pipe is first visible because it will present a layer of frost on the frozen part. In the absence of frost, a wet cloth on the pipe should hang slightly over the frozen pipe area. Frozen pipes are often in poorly insulated locations in exterior walls, crawl spaces and north facing walls.

Thaw a frozen pipe

This is pretty simple. Bring a hair dryer and direct it to the frozen area you want to thaw.

Avoid a pipe freezing

There are different options that will allow your pipes to not freeze:

  • install a foam sheath or electrical tape around the pipe;
  • wind a heating cable around the pipe.

Find a plumber to thaw a pipe

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