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You have just discovered a water leak that originated in your roof? Start by finding the origin of the water infiltration. If the problem is serious, you will need to find a roofing contractor who can respond quickly to repair your roof. What are the signs of a leak from the roof, how to spot them? This article explains everything you need to know.

The origins of leaking water on a roof

There may be several origins of flight. The leak can be caused by breakage, that is to say, a deteriorated shingle or worn seal for example, or by bad or no maintenance over time. It can also come from a construction problem.

Analyze your roof

It is recommended to start the analysis from the outside. For example, you need to look for shingles that are missing or damaged, and if the gutters are clogged. You can also try to spot faulty caulking around roof elements. Look around the roof or plumbing vents, the chimney, or even around the electrical mast if it runs through the roof.

If you have to get on your roof, be sure to do it safely.

Then go inside, specifically in the attic of your roof. The wool should be wet and retain water if there is an infiltration that originates from your roof.

Identify signs of leakage from the roof

Various signs in your home will alarm you and make you think of water seeping through the roof.

The main signs are:

  • the presence of blisters on the paint (part inside or outside a wall),
  • presence of water spots (rings) on the walls and ceilings,
  • mold on walls and ceilings,
  • cracks on walls and ceilings,
  • sagging of the ceiling,
  • smell of mold.

The infiltration of water may not be exactly above the leak or mold because sometimes the water runs along the ceiling. It is possible that water is flowing along the ceiling, so the infiltration is not necessarily just above a leak.

Find a roofer to fix a water leak on the roof

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