How to remove traces of smoke and fire in a home or business after a fire? Once the fire trucks have returned to the fire station, your goal will be to return your home or business to its state before the disaster. For this you will need to hire a cleaning company specialized in fire and disaster cleanup.

Choosing a cleaning company for cleaning after a fire

It is important to choose the right cleaning company that will be able to eliminate odors and stains caused by a fire. You will choose a company that:

  • trains its employees for professional disaster cleanup
  • has the necessary equipment such as vacuum cleaners and air purifiers, HEPA vacuums, dehumidifiers, driers, fumigators, axial fans, etc.)
  • has liability insurance
  • has been in business for several years

The choice of the post-disaster cleaning company specializing in post-fire cleaning is yours.
As you know, you must notify your insurer as soon as possible. They will then open your claim file. Insurers sometimes offer post-disaster cleaning companies to their policyholders. It is important to know that the final choice of the company that will be cleaning up your home is yours. To find a reliable and competent company for your post-fire cleaning do not hesitate to request a quote to find a fire-cleaning company specialized in post-fire cleaning.

When to clean after a fire

It is important to start cleaning as soon as possible. As a result of a fire, damage and costs increase as the various stages of neutralization, corrosion control and cleaning are delayed.
Soot residue cleaning should be done as quickly as possible. During combustion, soot residues and volatile vapours are transported by air to the surfaces through a structure and are deposited. This process is repeated until the end of the combustion and the soot residues accumulate on the surfaces layer by layer. As fire-cleaning technicians arrive, soot residue (which looks like black lacquer) can be quite difficult to dissolve and remove. There is also all the water used by firefighters to extinguish the fire that is to be removed.

Eliminate smoke odours

Ridding your home of its smell of smoke will allow you to fully regain the use of your home. It will also allow you to forget more easily the fire disaster. The disaster cleaning professionals carry out in 3 stages to neutralize smells and traces of a fire in a house or business:

  • Step 1: Remove as much as possible the source of the smoke odour.
  • Step 2: Clean up surfaces and salvageable objects to physically remove odour-causing residues.
  • Step 3: Remove the remaining odour with an anti-odour agent.

If you have just experienced a fire incident, you can refer to the Fire Recovery Guide.


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