When it comes to using a plumber, many people are afraid of being cheated and having to pay a large amount for an emergency or plumbing job. Indeed, who would not be willing to pay the big price to see a water leak stop or a toilet problem quickly cleared?

Notably, many people using Google to find a plumber search for an “honest plumber”.

There are a few tips for finding trusted plumbers and avoiding dishonest plumbers. Remember, dishonest plumbers, although few, tarnish the image of professional and ethical plumbers who represent the majority of plumbers in Quebec.

Tips for finding an honest plumber

Here are some tips for finding a trusted plumber:

  • The honest plumber has a valid plumber RBQ license, a civic address attached to his license and is insured.

  • The honest plumber has been recommended by a loved one or by a service like HelpMee.ca

  • The honest plumber gives you an idea of ​​the price by phone and explains the possible extras such as the use of equipment (camera, file, etc.)

  • The honest plumber will rarely advertise without his full name and license number. Avoid contacting plumbers who advertise on windshields or letterboxes with only a phone number and tips like best price, cheapest in town, etc.

  • Plumber's prices are average industry prices, neither too low nor too high. A plumber for $20 an hour does not exist. If you find one, he is not a plumber and you will have no guarantee.

  • A professional plumber offers a guarantee on his work and the materials he sells to you. For your information, the work of unclogging toilets, wash basin, sink, drain, etc. are never guaranteed.

  • An honest and professional plumber will be a busy plumber. So they may not be available immediately so you may have to wait a few hours to see them come to your home. For large plumbing companies that may have 10, 15 or 20 plumbers employed, it may be that the response time is faster for an emergency such as opening a toilet, changing a leaking hot water tank, or repairing a toilet or tap.

Find an honest plumber for jobs or an emergency

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