Your water heater is threatening to give up and you will soon have to replace it? Here are 4 criteria to consider when buying an electric water heater.

1. Water heater capacity

Water heaters usually have a capacity between 40 and 100 gallons. The higher the capacity, the more the water heater will consume energy. It is for this reason that it is advisable to choose a water heater according to your needs. Your needs will depend on the number of occupants in your home and your consumption. For a family of 2 or 3 people with normal consumption, a 40 gallon water heater will suffice. While for 4 or 5 occupants, a 60-gallon water heater will be more appropriate.

If you have a higher than normal consumption - which is probably the case if you have a large bath, a multi-jet shower, a spa or a teenager who likes to take long showers - you will probably need a larger water heater (approximately 20 gallons more) to meet your needs. Then, for larger families (6 or more people), you can opt for two 60-gallon water heaters or a 100-gallon water heater. The idea is not to run out of hot water at the desired time.

2. Energy efficiency of the water heater

It is a little more difficult to evaluate the energy efficiency of an electric water heater than that of a gas, heat pump or solar water heater. A good index is the first hour rating, useful for evaluating the efficiency of a water heater. Listed in most appliance data sheets, this rating measures the amount of water that can be produced in one hour during high consumption. The heat loss of the device is also to be considered to evaluate its effectiveness. As a general rule, a water heater with a bigger tank will lose more of its heat. If it is in a cooler place, the losses will also be greater.

3. Quality of the water heater

In Canada, electrically operated equipment must meet the requirements of Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Standard C-191. Water heaters are no exception. Whether low-end or high-end, water heaters must meet this standard. The difference is that standard models will simply have a double wall filled with insulating foam, while higher quality models will have a more efficient and durable inner liner, which will reduce heat loss.

4. Water heater warranty

When purchasing a new water heater, it is recommended to check the warranty offered. Not only is a good warranty desirable for more peace of mind, but a better warranty will often be a sign of a better quality water heater. Conversely, a lower warranty will be a sign of a lower quality water heater. A high-end unit should have an 8 or 10-year warranty against leaks, as well as parts. A standard device will only be guaranteed for 1-6 years and will sometimes include some exclusions.

Help choosing a water heater

The plumber is the perfect professional to help you choose a water heater. The plumber will be able to help you in your choice of brand and capacity. The plumber will also be available to change your water heater. puts you in contact with professional plumbers of confidence for your emergencies or your planned work.


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