If you just have a water damage, you will quickly want to know how to clean your house after water damage. Whether a water leak, a burst pipe or sewer backup is happening in your home, you'll have to act quickly.

Here are some tips to properly clean your house as soon as possible.

Turn off the power

This first step will help you avoid any risk of electrocution. This will allow you to start cleaning safely.

No time to waste!

It is essential to act quickly in less than 48 hours to prevent contaminated water from contaminating objects or walls and allowing bacteria to proliferate.

Empty stagnant water

You will need to remove stagnant water with boilers, mops or a vacuum cleaner. The idea is to remove the water as quickly as possible.

Dry walls and wet elements due to water damage

Once the stagnant water is removed, make sure that the walls and objects can dry quickly so that they do not get too damaged. You will then have to sort the items you can keep and those that are to be discarded (furniture that is difficult to recover, food, medicines).

Disinfect walls, floors and objects

If soiled water has been in contact with the floor, walls and objects, you will need to disinfect them with bleach.

Companies in post-disaster cleaning to help

There are various post-disaster cleaning companies on the market, whether franchise or independent. To find a company, go to a search engine and enter "disaster recovery companies + the name of your city", then you will see the companies that can help you. Before making your choice, remember to check the chosen company at the Office of Consumer Protection and the Quebec Judgment website.


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