Choosing a toilet is not so simple, as the quantity of models and the specifications are vast. If you had trouble choosing a garment, welcome to the world of toilets! We will explain everything you need to know to quickly and easily choose your next toilet.

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Guide to Choosing a Toilet

A toilet consists of a tank, a float, a bowl, a flush handle, a flap, a water supply pipe, a water tap stop, a wax ring, a base and a seat.

Choosing a Toilet Among the Different Models

There are 3 models on the market:

  • Two-piece toilet
  • Monobloc toilets
  • Suspended toilets

Two-Piece Toilets

The water tank and the bowl are separated. Two-piece toilets are the most popular and accessible model.

Monobloc Toilets

The water tank and bowl are one piece which limits the possibilities of water leakage. They are aesthetically more pleasing and easier to clean.

Suspended Toilets

Suspended or wall-mounted toilets are fixed to the wall. The water tank is in the wall partition. It has the advantage of taking up less space but will cost more to buy and install.

The Weight of the Toilet

A heavy toilet (40 to 50 kg) will be denser and therefore stronger than a light toilet (20 to 25 kg).

Height of the Toilet Bowl

There are two toilet heights on the market. The standard height, between 14 and 16 inches, is best for people of small sizes or families with children. The comfortable height varies between 16 and 17 inches and is suitable for people of greater height or reduced mobility. Suspended toilets can be installed at the desired height.

Shape of the Toilet

The toilet bowl may be rounded or elongated. The rounded shape is perfect for tight spaces and the elongated shape will be preferred if space is not an issue and you want a certain amount of comfort.

Power of the Flush

Flush capacity measures the power of a flush. Some toilets can evacuate 350 grams of material by flushing, while other toilets can evacuate 700 or 1,000 grams.

Price of the Toilet

Toilet prices are quite variable. First prize models start at around $80, while high-end models can go over $3,000. For a quality toilet, count on spending between $300 and $600. Plumbers generally recommend brands like Kohler, American Standard, Toto or Crane.

Have a Toilet Installed or Replaced

If you wish to install or replace a toilet, you must apply for a plumbing service and a plumber will contact you in less than two minutes.


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