Being a real estate owner is not enough to collect rent at the beginning of the month. If you have a friend who has a few properties, ask him how much time he spends per month. You will be surprised. Owners who have dozens of properties can entrust the management to a property management company. For homeowners who manage their rental apartments themselves, it's a great way to stay in control and reduce operating costs. Here is a guide to online tools for homeowners.

Tools to Help Homeowners Set the Rental Price

There are several ways to set the rental price. The comparables analysis allows you to set a price by comparing similar dwellings (location, size, service, age, etc.) to the dwelling you wish to rent. There is an online tool that collects and presents this information. Zipplex is an application that allows you to compare prices and average rental times of homes in the Greater Montreal area for free.

There is also a rent setting calculator developed by the Régie du logement du Québec that allows for a fair and reasonable rent increase.

Make a Pre-Rental Survey

The Pre-Rental Survey allows you to get some information about potential tenants. By doing a pre-rental survey on a tenant, you will obtain information on his credit, on his current and previous landlords, the presence or absence of a file at the Régie du logement, the presence or absence of a criminal record, job references, etc. It helps to prevent bringing a wolf into the den.

Here is a list of pre-rental survey services:

  • Proprio-Survey
  • Oligny-Thibodeau

Find a Plumber or an Electrician for an Emergency Alerted by a Tenant

If there is a problem with the plumbing (clogged toilet, clogged bath, leaky faucet, frozen pipe, etc.) or electricity (non-functional outlet, broken thermostat or stove, etc.) your tenants will contact you and require a repair. Some homeowners have a network of contractors or maintenance staff ready to respond. For those who do not have plumbers or electricians with whom they do business, will find a plumber or a certified electrician in less than two minutes.

HelpMee has also launched which allows an owner to register their homes and make service calls more easily, while centralizing the invoices and details of repairs completed.

Have a Lease Signed in Electronic Format

Once the right tenant is found, signing the lease is an important step. Property owners are often not always geographically close to their properties. Services such as BlocSolution allows you to sign leases remotely, electronically, and legally. These services really simplify things. No need to meet to sign a lease. Everything can be done online.


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