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Our plumber partners can help you install a water meter for your business, industry or institution.

Since 2012, many municipalities have required the installation of water meters in all non-residential buildings, such as businesses, factories, offices or institutions such as libraries or churches. It is then necessary to call on a plumber to proceed with this installation. The plumber will prepare the plumbing to allow him to receive a water meter.

Objectives of the water meters

Municipalities that have decided to install water meters want to be able to detect leaks caused by leaks and avoid wasting water.

Who should install the water meter?

The responsibility for installing a water meter is shared between the city and the owner. Water meters are provided and installed by the city at its expense. The owner is responsible for providing, at his expense, to the city, a plumbing compliant and able to accommodate a water meter when necessary.

Plumbing work to do for a water meter installation

There are different jobs to do to install a water meter. This work will vary according to the type of building and the type of existing plumbing.

The different jobs in the forecast to receive a water meter:
  • add faucets
  • connection for water meter;
  • pose transition pieces;
  • add a diversion path;
  • install a backflow preventer.

Move or replace a water meter

If you are doing renovation work, you may need to move the water meter. You will then have to change the plumbing and return the meter at your expense. In case of breakage or malfunction of the latter, you must have it replaced.

Plumbers available your water meter

HelpMee's plumber partners are available 24/7 in the greater Montreal area, Quebec City or Gatineau. They will be able to help you quickly to install a water meter in the city.