When you call a plumber, he will ask you a number of questions to get an idea of ​​the work to be done and to be able to give you an approximate price for his work. These questions will allow the plumber to prepare his equipment accordingly. Whether you need a plumber for planned work or an emergency, it is important to take a few minutes to try to answer these questions to the best of your knowledge. Plumbers' questions are sorted by type of work. We hope this article will help you get ready when you need a plumber.

I Need a Plumber Immediately

Connect a dishwasher

  • Is it to replace a dishwasher or to install one in a place where there was none before?
  • Is there a connection for the hot water supply?
  • Is there a connection for the evacuation of water?
  • Is there an appropriate electrical connection?

Changing a sink

  • What type of sink is it?
  • Is it a replacement of an existing sink or a new installation?

Change a faucet

  • Is there a water supply shutoff valve?
  • What type of sink faucet, bath, shower, sink is it? (Single hole model, 4 '' center, 8 '' center, wall, or combined shower bath).
  • Is the faucet to be provided by the customer or by the plumber?

Changing toilets

  • What is the type of toilet bowl and tank or toilet flush valve?
  • Is the bowl type regular or elongated?
  • Is the toilet provided by the customer or the plumber?
  • Is the height of the regular bowl 15 '' or irregular 17''?

Change or repair a water supply

  • What is the diameter of the water inlet?
  • Where is the shut-off valve located?
  • Do you have a water meter?
  • What is the piping material (copper, Pex, plastic).

Problems with a water heater

  • What is the age and brand of the existing water heater?
  • What's the problem? Lack of hot water or does it take time to get hot water or the water heater does not heat anymore?
  • What is the energy source of the water heater: electric, natural gas, propane, oil?
  • What is the water heater capacity 30, 40 or 60 gallons?
  • Is access to the hot water tank easy?

Replace a water heater

  • What is the energy source of the water heater: electric, natural gas, propane, oil?
  • What is the water heater capacity 30, 40 or 60 gallons?
  • Is access to the hot water tank easy?
  • Are there stairs?
  • Should we take care of storing the old hot water tank?

Drain or pipe displacement

  • Do you know the diameter of the piping?
  • What are the materials used? ABS, PVC, Copper, Cast iron, Galvanized steel tubing?
  • The piping is intended to supply which device(s)?
  • What is the distance of the piping that needs to be relocated?

Clogged drain

  • Where is the drain?
  • Is there a sewer return (to the basement or other)?
  • Does it look well cleaned?
  • Is there a check valve?

Sink / basin / clogged tub

  • What is clogged (sink, bath, shower)?
  • Is only one (washbasin, toilet, bath, shower) blocked or all the sanitation of the house / condo / trade are clogged?

Water leak

  • Where is the water leak located?
  • Did you close the main shutoff valve
  • What type of piping is it (copper, plastic)?
  • Is the leak in a water pipe or drain?

Installation of pipes

  • In what type of building do you want to install piping (residential, commercial)?
  • The piping will be to supply what type of installation?
  • Is it water supply piping or drainage?

Leaking faucet

  • What is the make and model of the leaky faucet?
  • What is the faucet installed on (sink, washbasin, bath, shower)?
  • Is the faucet leaking at the handle, spout, or base?
  • The faucet is leaking for the distribution of hot or cold water?

Blocked toilet

  • How long has the toilet been clogged?
  • Have you ever tried to unclog the toilet yourself with a plunger or chemical drain product?
  • Has an object fallen into the toilet?Is there a stop valve for the toiletWater inlet valve
  • Is the leak before or after the main shutoff valve
  • Is the city's main valve visible on the property?
  • Has the city been informed and will it close the water?

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