It is important to check some plumbing when planning to rent a home. Although, as a tenant, you will not be responsible for plumbing work, water damage could damage your property and increase your home insurance policy. It is prudent to check some visible and easily accessible items to make sure the plumbing works well.

4 Plumbing Checks Before Renting a Home

The Valves

You must test that the stopcocks or valves are working well and are in good condition. If necessary, stopcocks and valves will allow you to stop the water supply to a tap or water supply.

The Water Flow of the Different Taps

Open the faucets fully and observe the flow. It must be constant. Do you hear noises in the piping?

The Water Flow in Drains and Toilets

While water is flowing from faucets or the flush tank, observe the water flow rates. Is it fast or slow? Do you hear noise as if there were air bubbles? Do you hear noise in the pipes?

Traces of Water Leaks

Open your eyes wide. Do you see any signs of water infiltration or water leaks? It can be at ground level, around certain parts of the faucet, etc.

Calling a Plumber When You are a Tenant

Except in case of emergency, a tenant will have to contact his or her landlord before hiring a plumber. It is important to do this because the law provides specific cases of who should pay the plumber, the owner or the tenant.

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