There are things you should not throw down the toilet. Here are 13 things that our plumbers often find in the pipes and that cause plugs in the siphon. For ecological and economic reasons, modern toilets now use less water. It is therefore important not to overestimate their evacuation capacity.

Items not to be thrown down the toilet (unless you want to clog pipes)

Toilets are not a trash can. It is therefore necessary to avoid putting anything other than what they are intended for (urine, stool and toilet paper). Here's a list of 13 things our plumbers specialized in toilet unblocking frequently find in siphons:

  • hair

  • condoms

  • cotton

  • Q-tips

  • diapers for children

  • paper towels

  • cooking oil

  • wipes

  • cat litter

  • food

  • cardboard from empty toilet paper rolls

  • sanitary napkins

  • tampons

Very often, people who have a clogged toilet will start by using a plunger. This might not be enough if they regularly throw in the toilet one of the items above. They will then have no choice but to contact a plumber to unclog their toilet.

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